Musical Equipments and Instruments

Musical instruments and equipment can be expensive – but not at Big Daddy’s Jewelry & Pawn. We have an extensive inventory of musical equipment and instruments that are competitively priced because we are ready to sell them to you. Whether you are buying a gift for a loved one, need a new piece of equipment for your band or just want to start playing a new instrument as a hobby, visit Big Daddy’s Jewelry & Pawn to get an awesome deal on our high-quality musical equipment and instruments.

If you are ready to make a deal with a trusted professional, come down to Big Daddy’s Jewelry & Pawn in the heart of Denver for fast, friendly and superior service. We will give you a competitive quote for your items and fair prices on ours.

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fender reissue

Fender Twin Reverb 1965 Reissue Guitar Amplifier

A very nice 1965 reissued Fender guitar amplifier With its dual 12” speakers, timeless look and essential sound, the ’65 Twin Reverb is a truly magnificent tone machine that takes you back to an electrifying era.   Price $899.95

crate 50

Crate 50 guitar combo amp

Awesome tube guitar combo amp This amp has been used but still works awesome Here is a link to some more info Only $399.95  

Aria six string acoustic guitar

This is a very nice acoustic guitar it plays very well and sounds great. Comfortable action, fantastic tone. It is in great condition.  It also comes with a hard case.   $229.95