Why to go to a pawn shop …….. 20 reasons

       Get a short term loan, sell your unwanted items or buy almost anything of value at a fair price

1.    So you don’t have to borrow $ from your friends or family

2.    Beats a Pay Day Loan

3.    To tie you over until you get paid

4.    Your’e going on vacation,  you need a safe place to leave your valuables & you could use the extra “fun” cash

5.    You need to extra rent $ because your roommate left town

6.    Your’e trying to buy a house & can’t use your credit cards until the purchase is a done deal

7.    You want to go to a concert but don’t have extra cash to buy  a ticket

8.    You lost a bet & need to pay up

9.    You need to bail someone out of jail

10.  You have a hot date,  you need an emergency mani/pedi …….. you need cash

11.  Unexpected medical or dental expense

12.  You need to pay your locker storage fee or you’ll loose your 1964 mustang

13.  Get rid of jewelry from your ex 

14.  You went to Vegas baby! You lost 

15.  Your’e a contractor & you were given a check that bounced, you need to make payroll

16.  Your doggy had puppies, they all need shots

17.  Sell your ring to upgrade to another piece of jewelry

18.  You spent too much $ at the strip club

19.  Your kid wants to play the guitar

20.  Baby needs a new pair of shoes

Whatever the reason, you can be sure that Big Daddy’s Jewelry and Pawn can help you if you’re strapped for cash. 

 want to get $$$ for you unwanted items or buy some cool stuff !












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